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Wearable Pulse Oximeter

OxyNow is a lightweight, miniaturized ring-style pulse oximeter for SpO2 and heart rate monitoring 

ring sensor wearable pulse oximeter

Patient App

Patients can use the OxyNow Android app to view trends, save data, download reports, and share medical records with their Physician.

The OxyLife app is designed for use by patients in consultation with their physician. 

Physician Portal

The OxyNow web portal is designed for physicians to view data, analyze results. and generate reports.

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The OxyNow Advantage

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One Click Connection

Follow in-app instructions to locate the OxyNow ring sensor and connect to it via Bluetooth. Keep the ring within 3 feet of your phone for optimal results.

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Monitor & Share

View live data, ring sensor battery status, and SpO2 trends for the past 6 hours in the monitor screen.

Share data with your physician with one click.

View trends

View SpO2 and Heart rate trends, key metrics, and data tables. Download data in a spreadsheet. Your data is in your hands. 

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With a weight of 9 grams, the OxyNow ring is truly wearable.


Bluetooth LE technology makes it simple to pair th ring with Android phones. 


Patients have the right to grant and rescind access to their data.  Data is secured via 128 kB encryption.


Treating physicians access a web dashboard to view patient details, analyse data and generate reports.

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